How to Get Your Twitch Stream Key -


How to Get Your Twitch Stream Key

This will be a pretty short article seeing as getting the key is straight forward enough. Nevertheless I have had some people asking that this be laid out either due to past troubles finding it or they still couldn’t.

Once you have created your Twitch account go to this address while you are logged in:


There you will be presented with a button to reveal your twitch stream key, that when clicked will do just that! Once it is revealed there will also be the option to reset your key which will generate an entirely new one for your channel. Some people have also been reporting an error when trying to retrieve their key. The main cause of this is folks looking to stream on twitch but they are using a joint and Twitch account. If you receive the following: “There was an error retrieving your stream key” you will have to request customer support to swap your accounts over to twitch. Once this is done you will be able to access your key.

That’s all there is to it, so grab your key and plug it in to your favorite streaming program to get started.

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